1. 18:59 19th Nov 2012

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    New Blog

    Hey guys,

    I’m going to give Tumblr another shot, with a focus on where i’ve been and run the past year or so. Thanks for following this, i would love if you check out my new blog. 


    I havent gotten started just yet, but if you like what you see give me a follow!


  2. 17:56 12th Jul 2012

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    There should be a rewards program for runningwarehouse.com


    because I order soooo much stuff off of that site.

  3. hmm

    never really kept up with this, is it too late??? haha

  4. 19:34 3rd Mar 2012

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    People can’t understand why a man runs. They don’t see any sport in it, argue that it lacks the sight-thrill of body contact, the color of rough conflict. Yet the conflict is there, more raw and challenging than any man versus man competition. In track it is man against himself, the cruelest of all opponents. The other runners are not the real enemies. His adversary lies deep within him, in his ability, with brain and heart, to control and master himself and his emotions.
    — Glenn Cunningham (via i-just-wannarun)

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Sedona, Arizona 2011


    Sedona, Arizona 2011

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  6. 00:07 2nd Mar 2012

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    Cross Country; The love of my life



    To most people it’s just that. A way to stay in shape or get away from a bear.

    To me, it’s therapy. It’s relaxation. It’s a way to stay thin and know I can out run any problem. It’s pride, It’s a shiney medal, It’s sweat in places that you didn’t know could sweat, It’s having that body, It’s laughing with a team, It’s taking anger out on an old dirt path.

    Simply, It’s the love of my life.

    Lesson? Find what you love, screw the rest

  8. 13:58 1st Mar 2012

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  9. Spring Break in Arizona!!

    So i’m 90% sure I’ll be spending my spring break in Arizona around the Grand Canyon! I’m super excited haha. 

    I’m excited to: 

    1. Just travel around a little, new scenery 

    2. See the south west US (farthest west ive been is Chicago haha)

    3. Run at some altitude. I know a week at altitude isn’t going to do much but i think it will be cool to experience and maybe even employ in the future 

    4. see the grand canyon as it seems pretty bitchin’ 

    With that, I need to ask a few questions from my internet running pals to the southwest! So thank you in advanced! 

    1 I’ll be traveling in April, will the weather be T shirt and shorts weather or should i bring more LS shirts and tights? 

    2 Does anyone know if there are some nice running trails in the Grand Canyon area? I know lots of people try to run rim-rim-rim but i’m just looking to run at most a 15 miler. 

    3 Being from flat, sea level long island, is there anything in particular I should know?

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